We pride ourselves on our uncompromising ability to always deliver to the highest standard. We offer Professional Services to help our clients redesign their architectures and to harness the power of GLU.Ware within their technology and business environments. We also offer Clients training on GLU.Ware and Implementation Project support to fast track the realisation of the value GLU.Ware brings.
"The only source of Knowledge is Experience" - Einstein

Practitioner Led Services

GLU has an acknowledged track record of defining and structuring projects for success, overcoming the complexities and challenges encountered along the way. The team has been instrumental in the setup, program management, ongoing system integration build programs and service activation of a large number of successful MFS organisations. Clients work with us because they trust us: our experience, our skills, our resolve to get things done - this is how we measure our success.

Accelerating time to Value

Integration Architecture for Business and Technology


GLU's Advisory team helps Clients to understand and then harness the power of a flexible integration architecture. This power enables the business with a strategic differentiator as it provides a means of delivering compelling Customer value propositions to the market more affordably and faster than the competition.
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Empower Clients Analysts at Speed


GLU.Ware's NO CODE Console enables Client Integration Analysts to be trained up on GLU.Ware rapidly. Within hours an Integration Analysts is able to build working Integration Engines and within days, more complex configurations are possible. We hold weekly knowledge sharing sessions with our Client Analysts as part of our continuous learning philosophy.
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Accelerating GLU.Ware Adoption


GLU typically assists Clients with the delivery of the first Integration Project using GLU.Ware. This provides a mechanism for GLU to showcase our recommended Implementation Methodology while also providing Clients with a Client-relevant configuration that is familiar to the Client Integration Analysts. We use this configuration as the basis for tailored Training on GLU.Ware.

GLU's Methodology

Our delivery methodology is all about delivering quality integrations at speed. As such we follow a 'test-driven' approach to the GLU Configuration work. This involves using actual working sample messages as input to the GLU configuration process rather than relying on Spec documents which are often misleading. We encourage high frequency iterations of the Config-Build-Test cycle to deliver in a more Agile way, working components incrementally rather following a traditional 'waterfall' (slow!) approach.
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