Innovation at Speed

GLU.Ware™ is a No Code, Industry Agnostic, Enterprise Integration Platform. It brings systems together to create value faster, cutting cost by simplifying, and accelerating innovation projects. Integration is the catalyst of Innovation - GLU.Ware enables 'Innovation at Speed'. It empowers Enterprises with an ability to innovate and to be more digitally agile than the competition.
Innovation at Speed

Why Innovation at Speed is so important

Integration is the catalyst of Innovation. Traditional approaches to Integration are Complex, Slow and Expensive. This is a reality facing businesses across geographies and industries. To continuously innovate, companies are compelled to bring an increasing combination of disparate systems and data sources together quickly and securely. Achieving this with legacy integration methodologies causes unnecessary business distraction, downtime, expense, erosion of competitive position, and risk. To address these challenges, companies need to establish an agile approach to innovation and a flexible and scalable integration architecture so they are able to integrate anything, anywhere, at any time. Central to companies being able to survive and harness this technology onslaught is to implement an agile Integration Framework within their architecture that enables Innovation at Speed.
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Integration Explained

Integration in the context of digital business systems is the process of combining two or more systems to create new business value propositions. Integrated systems ('ecosystems') enable information to be shared between the various connected systems. This exchange of data enables connected systems, applications and datasets to interact in a myriad of different ways enabling a limitless number of different Use Cases. These Use Cases can target the delivery of value to end Customers, to business partners, to internal staff, and to any stakeholder that is connected to the ecosystem.

More about the Protocols and Connectors we support

All Business Systems adopt one or more Protocols (like a 'system language') to use in order to interact with other Business Systems. Any system can be integrated by GLU.WARE providing GLU supports the Protocol. Currently GLU supports over 15 Protocols or Connector Types including HTTP/REST, HTTP/XML, SOAP, TCP, SMPP, Databases (Oracle/DB2/MSQL/My SQL/Cassandra …), Message Queues (Rabbit/ActiveMQ/ ...), ISO8583, SAP / Odata, File Transfer, ISO20022 / ISO15022, FHIR (NHS Standard), ASN.1 and MML.


GLU Ecosystem AcceleRator Solutions (GEARS) are Industry Agnostic tools pre-integrated with GLU.Ware. GLU.GEAR solutions are either created internally by the GLU Team (e.g. GLU.USSD) independently or in partnership (e.g. GLU.AID, GLU.Remit, GLU.ID and GLU.DE) or they are created by wrapping compelling partner business solutions with GLU.Ware to enable rapid deployment and market activation.
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The GLU team has extensive experience in Emerging Market Financial Services related Business and Technology Strategy formulation and execution. Our background and experience, from strategic consulting through to program implementation, continues to add significant value to the business operations of our Clients. Having built hundreds of integrations over the last 15+ years, spanning deployments world-wide, our team has solid experience in understanding, planning for, executing and solving complex integration challenges. We have been instrumental in leading teams to deliver complex, high-quality, scalable integrated systems for clients across Developed and Emerging Markets. We have connected MFS systems to Banks, Inter-bank switches, International Remittance systems, Bill Aggregators, MNO systems, Insurance companies, Micro-finance systems, RTGS and ACH systems.

A bit about the GLU.Team

GLU Global was founded by partners and long-term colleagues Frans Roos, Kathryn Grace and Owen Meredith in November 2015 and started Operations on 1 April 2016. The Founding Team each brings expert level skills and experience to their respective roles. The Founders along with the core GLU.Team worked together prior to GLU for many years - as such that the team has on average been together for ~ 15 years.
Frans Roos
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Kathryn Grace
Founder, Chief Operations Officer
Owen Meredith
Founder, Chief Innovation Officer
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GLU.Partners - underpinning our belief in strong, long lasting Partnerships

GLU has a proud record of having excellent client and partner relationships, both while working at GLU and going back to our pre-GLU past (Fundamo and Visa). This is largely due to the ability of the team to deliver above and beyond expectations – we have a reputation of never giving up and always putting client interests first. We are professionals; striving for excellence is part of our DNA. Collaboration is key to our success – we know what we are good at and we understand the areas where a partnership or collaboration will yield a better result.
Client Partnerships Built on Trust

GLU Clients

The GLU Team is a close-knit highly experience team team of business and system integration professionals who love solving challenges and simplifying complexity. Clients work with us because they trust us: our experience, our skills and our resolve to get things done - that is how we measure success.
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